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Dear Small Country

Dear Small Country, I am a traveler and love to explore new places. Some of my favorite places are Small Countries: Nicaragua, Panama, Turks and Caicos... Small Countries can have a lot to offer and I appreciate the impact (sustainable) tourism can have. However, sometimes Small Countries suffer from Short Man (or Napoleon) Syndrome. This means that they feel a strong need to prove that they are strong and powerful even if they are Small. And they usually do this by imposing lots of regulations.

Dearest Small Country, why do you make me show my passport and ticket three times before security - even if I am just in transit? (I appreciate the need to employ people, but this is not making tourism any easier.) Why do you spend valuable minutes (minutes I could have spent shopping in YOUR tax free stores) handwriting notations in my passport, and checking whether I need a transit visa - just for a layover? Why do I have to fill out entry forms and departure forms just for transit? (During my round trip I did four entry forms and three exit forms, even though I was only staying in one country.) And why did you take my mini-bottle of rum, even though it was in a sealed bag and just slightly over three ounces?

Dear pretty Small Country, if you want more tourists, and more tourism, please make it a little bit easier to enter. I am not here to steal your jobs, just trying to catch a connecting flight, you know.

Sincerely Yours,


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I just LOVE this post!! What a ridiculous policy. Sorry you had to go through this over and over again.


This is interesting and rather frustrating. Through you I go places I will never be.


Ooo, Chiocciola, how frustrating but...certainly was good fodder for a hilarious post! Too funny.

Going to the Turks and Caicos has always appealed to me...I don't know why, I think the name just stuck in my head as a child and I've dreamed of it ever since.


Anne, Turks and Caicos is really fantastic! The beaches and the snorkeling is just fantastic. I went six years ago and I would LOVE to go back!

Great letter! I bet you felt better after writing it. :)


This must have been a very frustrating experience, but you wrote so well about it. Now, if only the powers that be would read what your wrote!

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