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Cambridge, Maryland: Fourth of July

For the Fourth of July weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to Cambridge, Maryland, which is located on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Our friend’s grandmother lives there and her uncle has a boat there, so we spent two fun days waterskiing, tubing, eating, and chatting. I thought it was a really nice place and I loved being on the water (I always say that lack of water to swim in is my main complaint with DC.) Plus grandma was a lot of fun – she was absolutely thrilled to fix us Piña Coladas before dinner!

The plan was for boyfriend and me to stay at a Bed and Breakfast not far away from grandma’s house. It sounded like a good plan, and the BB was really beautiful – the house is from 1740 and has lots of flowers outside. However, things did not go according to plan…


Boyfriend had to go back to DC because of a work emergency, so I ended up at the BB all by myself. As it turned out, it was actually closed, but since grandma is a good friend of the owner, she had given her a key and instructions to NOT go into room number 3… So my friend drops me off at the BB – or actually, she goes in with me. It is dark and stormy outside, and dark and scary inside. There is a faint light coming from room 3 and I immediately think that the owner is letting the local crazy guy spend the weekend there. My friend waits for me as I go to the bathroom (to make sure that nobody enters my room while I am not there), I let her out, and then I sprint back upstairs to lock myself in the room. My heart is beating so loudly, even though I was very tired just half an hour earlier. I check the closet and under the bed before I crawl in. Luckily, my People magazine and my general fatigue from the day lets me fall asleep eventually. I am awakened a few hours later by someone walking up the stairs… WTF!! Turns out they are the guests staying in room 3 and I am able to go back to sleep. A few hours after that, the phone rings and boyfriend has arrived. Hooray!! I am always happy to see him but boy was this a happy reunion!


I wasn’t able to get up on water skies but I had lots of fun being dragged on a big tube behind the boat. The water is warm (and brown!) and I get to work on my tan. A great weekend - scary BB notwithstanding!

Beautiful house on the bay:

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Oh my...I would have been freaked out! You are brave!! Did you ever get to see the inside of Room #3? Glad you had a good time despite the scare. The houses are beautiful. Reminds me of New England.

Love the scary B&B story! And those photos are beautiful. That's a really nice part of Maryland - though don't you have to go over a massive scary bridge to get there?


Haha, well you have to cross the Chesapeake Bridge but it really isn't that scary!!

Yes, I did get to see the inside of room 3 the next day. Nothing scary about it, really!

I might have my Maryland bridges mixed up. There is one that is very steep and high and it feels like a roller coaster as you're driving up (but I'm a bridge wimp, LOL).


Chiocciola, I think all of our minds must run along similar paths! As soon as I read "do not go into Room 3" the first thing I thought of was, of course, something horrific. It wouldn't have occured to me either that the B+B owner simply had other guests -- clearly, we've all watched way too many horror movies! I wouldn't have slept a wink.....

But, the photos are lovely, what beautiful homes!


Yup, my mind definitely jumped straight to horror movie scenarios!

Annie, if you're ever in Halifax, you might want to avoid the bridges across the harbour on windy days, they heave considerably in a strong wind. On the other hand, I might have to drive to Maryland to check out that cool sounding bridge you mentioned!

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