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Italy 2009?!?!?

I am sorry I have disappeared! I had almost three weeks off and tried to take time off the computer to make my tendinitis better. Unfortunately, it seems much worse now that I am back to work… I did have a great three weeks off, though, part of it spent here in DC and on the Maryland beaches, and part of it in Norway. Having my sister here was a blast and a staycation is awesome! Everyone has been raving about the unusually cool and dry summer here in the US capital, very different from the usual 95 degree heat and lots of humidity. This proved especially wonderful when a visitor was in town, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick post. I have excitedly following my blog friends either on their trips to Italy (Girasoli, Palma, Jane) or as they plan them (Sandra is one of them), and I have to say that I was particularly excited when Andasamo told us that she had indeed jumped at the chance of spending three weeks in Italy (Florence, to be exact) in October! How fun. This also made my own desire to go back to Italy stronger.

So now, four years after I last set foot in Italy, I am thinking very seriously about going to Italy in May! I have my 5 year reunion for my program in Bologna and I don’t want to miss it. The lose plan so far is to spend time in Italy as well as visits to Austria and Germany (Bavaria.)

The big question is of course – where to go?? Bologna, naturally, is the most important stop. I think I will book a room at an economical place, either Albergo Garisenda or Albergo Drapperie, for four nights. Both are very central and very reasonable. But after that (or before, depending on how I structure the trip) I have no idea!

Some options: I adore Rome. I love Venice. I am obsessed with southern Italy and want to go back. I have never been to Piemonte and I have been saying for three years that I want to stay at Diana’s BB in Acqui Terme. I really want to visit places like Urbino and Ascoli Piceno. I have friends and great memories in Vieste in Puglia, and I haven’t been to Lecce and many of the other towns in Puglia. There are lots of places in Tuscany I haven’t been. I wouldn’t mind going back to the Friuli either (San Daniele ham, anyone?) My roommate from when I was in Bologna now is back in her hometown of Belluno (in the Veneto), also a new place for me.

All I can say is: this will be FUN! Both the planning and the trip. I am also excited to see Austria and Bavaria, areas that my bf knows very well and where he has friends and where he went to school for a while.

Maybe I should make an online poll? :) For now, I will happily follow Sandra as she plans her trip and then takes off in September!

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Snail, how exciting!! and the planning is such a big part of that fun. Sorry--I can't help you make up your mind as it all sounds too good to miss. How about changing your plan to 3 months instead of weeks. I think you are a southern Italy person, though, so think of Puglia.

Welcome back!! I missed you and was starting to get worried. How exciting that you will be returning to Italy and Bologna! I know just what you mean by having a difficult time deciding where to go. There are just too many wonderful places to visit in Italy and never enough time. The good thing is that it is pretty difficult to plan a bad trip when visiting Italy. I look forward to hearing more...


The planning is great. We spent time in Puglia in May 2005 and the weather was fabulous. We even managed some beach time in. One note on Piedmont though, I heard a rumor that Diana's place will be closed in the spring for rennovations, so you may want to check with her if that will affect your decision to visit the area.


Thanks everyone! It will be fun to plan with you! And Kim, thanks for the info about Piemonte and Diana, good to know.

Yes, welcome back! I've missed hearing from you too.

Well, you know what I'm going to say. If you're in Bologna, you won't be that far from Venice so you've got to at least stop by there for a bit!

Have you see the thread about the October 2010 GTG plan that's in the works? A week in Florence and a week in Venice. It would be so cool if a bunch of us could do that!

Gosh your photos are great! I always enjoy reading through and looking at them. :)


Chiocciola, I'm so sorry to hear that you're having trouble with tendinitis. I gather this is related to keyboarding? Are you in physiotherapy? I've had some trouble with repetitive stress injuries in the past (especially when I was a reporter and would spend hours hunched over a keyboard.) It remains a big concern for me.....

But to happier thoughts -- I'm excited to hear that you're planning a return to Italy!!! And May should be a great time of year to visit. Last year, I visited Italy in June and it was a fantastic trip -- good weather, but not too crowded. I think next year I'll also try to go in May or June.

What a fun puzzle to work through -- where to go! You obviously know Italy very well. Would you consider returning to Umbria? It's so beautiful there, but I guess not very close to Bologna. I've also been really intrigued by Girasoli's posts this year about the Ligurian coast, any interest in visiting there? And Piedmonte sounds so interesting, too.....so many great choices. Good luck with your planning!


I was wondering where you were! But had imagined you doing something more enjoyable than healing from tendinitis - how awful. I had it in my shoulder a few years ago...physio helped, but it still gets sore much easier than it used to.

A return to Italy sounds wonderful!! It is a dilemma deciding just where to go though - I leave for Florence in only three weeks and I still keep drooling over too many gorgeous places in this gorgeous country!

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