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A Really Funny Campaign Video

Once in a while you come across a really good campaign ad - and this is one. It is made by Joe Garcia, who is the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Florida's 25th congressional district, running against incumbent Republican Mario Diaz-Balart.

The ad has two cool things: first, it is about health care, and secondly, I love the fact that a Cuban-American is running as a Democrat in Florida. The Cuban community in South Florida is heavily Republican and staunchly anti-Castro. I believe strongly that the embargo against Cuba has not worked and that allowing American business interests into the country would speed up the democratization process there. (Then again, I find most of US policies in Latin America and the Caribbean pretty bad. Definitely much better than under Reagan, for instance, but what sense does it make that Salvadorans just got their Temporary Protected Status renewed, while Haitians never have been able to get it? TPS is supposed to be a temporary protection for those aliens unable to return to their country because of conflict or natural disaster. El Salvador has been a rather stable democracy for quite some time now - but their government happens to be very pro-US - and they have troops in Iraq... Haitians, on the other hand, get no special treatment whatsoever, even though their country is destroyed by disasters and torn apart by conflict. Cubans get automatic asylum because they come from a "communist dictatorship"... Wow that was a long parenthesis!)

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Great ad! Let's hope he also sways the Cuban-American votes Obama's way!

I am glad you are posting about embargo against Cuba. I don't understand why we still have this embargo. Is Cuba still such a threat? I heard recently how Bush wouldn't even let the US provide needed assistance after the latest hurricane that hit Cuba (although he doesn't let the US provide adequate assistance to the US either). Let's hope

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