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Saying it well

Among the many things that baffle me about the Republicans, are their anti-intellectualism and blatant disregard for the value of experience. Today, The New York Times said it well in this editorial:

"What made it so much worse is the strategy for which the Republicans have made Ms. Palin the frontwoman: win the White House not on ideas, but by denigrating experience, judgment and qualifications.

The idea that Americans want leaders who have none of those things — who are so blindly certain of what Ms. Palin calls “the mission” that they won’t even pause for reflection — shows a contempt for voters and raises frightening questions about how Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin plan to run this country."

"One of the many bizarre moments in the questioning by ABC News’s Charles Gibson was when Ms. Palin, the governor of Alaska, excused her lack of international experience by sneering that Americans don’t want “somebody’s big fat résumé maybe that shows decades and decades in that Washington establishment where, yes, they’ve had opportunities to meet heads of state.” (Hey, Gov. Palin, wouldn't that be John McCain????)

"But that is not what troubled us most about her remarks — and, remember, if they were scripted, that just means that they reflect Mr. McCain’s views all the more closely. Rather, it was the sense that thoughtfulness, knowledge and experience are handicaps for a president in a world populated by Al Qaeda terrorists, a rising China, epidemics of AIDS, poverty and fratricidal war in the developing world and deep economic distress at home."

If I were an American, I would want my leaders to be intelligent and reflected and educated! Where I come from, people shift party allegiances quite often, depending on how well a party is doing. Here, it seems that too many people turn a blind eye to the horrible presidency of GWB, and blindly believe the GOP propaganda. Sad. Sad. Sad.

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E., well said! Yesterday I received an e-mail from a friend who is "disappointed" in me. To quote her: "I think Palin really does stand for good issues and it's not her personality that attracted me. It's being pro-life, patriotic, and pro-family." And this qualifies her to be the leader of the free world? Are not Obama and Biden patriotic and pro-family? Did not Palin say in her interview that she respects other opinions on abortion? The hypocrisy of McCain/P are overwhelming.

Nicely said! I read the NY Times column this morning. I thought it was a very intelligent editorial. I am glad you are posting it on your blog.

It truly amazes me that people think it is just fine to make excuses for her lack of experience. Just because the "every day Walmart mom" does not know what the Bush Doctrine does not make it alright for someone running for Vice President to not know what it is. If Obama was asked the very same question and he also did not know what it was, could you just imagine the uproar of how unqualified they would say he was?

How is it that when election time rolls around once again, people all of a sudden forget the needs of this country? We do not need more of the same.

Great post. I DO want my leaders to be intelligent and thoughtful and educated. I also want them to be compassionate, and that was one thing that distressed me about the Palin interview....I saw no "heart" in the woman at all. Just slick ambition and scripted babble. It's sad and scary.

It's the willful ignorance of these people that drives me crazy. They're not just ignorant about things; they're actually proud of that ignorance and find it admirable.

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