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I have previously said to friends that I wanted my blog to be a positive place on the Internet. I went away from that a little bit with all the election coverage, but it was positive in the sense that the positive candidate won!

Now, back to travel. My mom and sister came to visit last week, and we kicked off with three days in New York City. Europeans generally LOVE NYC and my sister was no exception (my mom had been there before but not my sister.)

Since I live relatively close, I enjoy the luxury of not having to see everything when I am there - I know I can go back. I'll write more tomorrow but wanted to post a few photos. It was cold but we had quite a lot of sunshine which was nice. These are two shots from our boat ride out to see the Statue of Liberty.



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I've chanced upon this blogsite, I find it quite nice. Very warm and friendly. I love the photos too. Looking forward to more posts from you.

I heart NYC! Love your photos too. Can't wait to hear more about your trip. I've been there many times because I used to have friends who lived in Brooklyn so I had a place to stay. I bet it was fun to be there with your mom and sis!


Lovely photos, and lucky you (and your family!) I love New York. I've been thinking I should come down for a long weekend soon (it's a short hop, really, from Ottawa) and this is prodding me to get planning!

Thanks guys! Yes, it was really fun - but I am always surprised by how biting the cold in NY is; the wind is really awful!

Sandra, a long weekend sounds like a great idea!

One day I will get there (see my comment in your next post). Loved the photos. And by the way, I have always thought of your blog as positive :)

Yes, I'm with girasoli, your blog is always positive (even when it's about politics!).

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