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Arrived in Mexico

Just wanted to post a short update! I arrived in the town of Yautepec (where my sister´s host family lives) at 9pm their time yesterday. That meant that door to door the trip was 17 hours - but effective flying time was only 5 hours! Two main things took time: We were quite delayed in Houston, which meant I spent 5 hours there instead of 2h 30min. Then I waited an hour for the bus at the airport, and then the bus took about 2h 15 min to get to Cuernavaca. But everything was fine, Continental did a good job in getting me here for the most part: Food on both flights (I loved getting Cheerios on my 7am flight!), exit row on both flights, nice attendants...

I left DCA at 7am, on time, and got to Houston on time even though there was a lot of fog. The next flight was delayed but I found a nice restaurant, Pappadeaux, where I had a tasty Asian Chicken salad. I treated myself to two magazine (People and Economist, to balance things out), and we finally left at 2:30 or so - just in time to make sure I hit the worst of rush hour in Mexico DF! I sat next to a nice girl who knew the airport in MX well and explained how I should get to the bus.

I was very impressed with the bus terminal at the airport though, it is right there by the international terminal, you buy your ticket and wait in a nice waiting room until your bus comes. That is something other countries could learn from! The security is quite interesting: the bus attendant had a metal detector wand! They also checked my purse. And another guy walked through the bus filming everyone´s face! So if I were to rob the bus they would be able to track me down!

The bus was not brand new, but very comfortable, with reclining seats, a bathroom, and a video screen. We watched rather boring movie about kid spies. The best part was that the bus attendant brought around free drinks and snacks! Nice! I slept a little, since I was tired from my long day, but I did notice that the traffic was very bad, just like I remembered. When we go on our long trip, we are going to leave at 2am to avoid the worst traffic. Yikes!

I will have internet for the next couple of days but not sure after that.

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Wow, that was quite an ordeal! It took almost as long as it takes for me to get all the way to Italy.

Interesting info on the bus accomodations. I am not sure if I would be reassured by having someone film everyone's faces. Glad you arrived safely.

Glad you are there. Love your magazine choices! And free snacks on a bus ride (didn't you have free WiFi on another bus?). Have fun!

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