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Checking in from Xilitla, San Luis Potosi

We are here - only took ten hours... That was a long car ride in a small mini van! Lots of tiny speed bumps and I am too tall for the back seat so I hit my head repeatedly. We are staying in a small, very poor town with lots of old men that are sad! And it is freezing - but I am the only one with warm clothes. I am so glad I brought my down jacket and wool sweater! No electricity in the hotel but they hope to have it back by tonight - we hope so too! After sleeping very little last night I am ready for a shower, some TV and some sleep!

We did see a very pretty town on the way here, Jalpan, with a mission founded by Junipero Serra. We crossed the Sierra Gorda which is pretty and extremely winding roads.

Tomorrow we are visiting a magical castle created by a Brit by the name of Edward James who settled here in the 1940s, called Las Pozas.

Thanks for all your comments!! Don't have time to comment now, will later! But yes, we did leave early, at 3am, and made it through Mexico City - or Mexico Distrito Federal, Federal District - that's where the DF comes from. The toll roads were good. And the city really is huge!

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So how are you getting internet connection without electricity? That must have been a very long ride.

That is quite the adventure. I remember the topes (speed bumps) before every little village when we drove around the Yucatan. They started to drive us crazy so we yelled "Topes" every time we saw one.

I was curious about the area you are visiting. I haven't heard much of that area. It must be high in the Sierra Madres to be that cold.

It sounds like a neat area to visit. I'm looking forward to hearing about Las Pozas. I also hope you have some hot water and heat soon.


Glad to hear you made it -- after 10 hours in a minivan, yikes!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, what a fabulous way to celebrate the season.

Happy holidays to you! I too have a soft spot for old men (I saw a number of them in Venice who are much better off than those you are seeing, I'm sure). Anyway, have fun and I'm glad you have warm clothes. I can't wait to hear more about your trip.

I just wanted to pop in here and wish you a Merry Christmas.


Girasoli, I was at an internet cafe! But we got electricity back by 9pm which was great. And they gave us candles so it was quite cosy after all. We were all very happy to go to sleep!

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