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Packing for MX

I have often enjoyed reading the packing posts of other Slow Travelers. Kim has a great selection, for instance. Sandra (the one of Too Much Luggage) naturally has written about packing! Andasamo wrote about it a few months ago, before her trip to Florence. Girasoli showed us how to get all your toiletries in one little bag! And now it is my turn!

I touched on it briefly in my last post, Mexico! Especially the fact that the weather will vary a LOT. I checked forecasts of different cities yesterday, and several of them show a 40 degree change every day. 80 during the day, 40 at night. That is a challenge! I think San Luis Potosi is particularly cold at night. If you pair that with the fact that I am traveling with my very fashion conscious 23 year old sister, as well as three other girls in their 20s (plus their brothers and parents!), and the fact that Continental has gotten very strict on their limits lately, and the fact that I am bringing presents, we have a problem!

So here is my strategy:

• Some presents will have to go in my carry on. No presents left behind! Especially the hot pink stethoscope for my sister's host sister who is in medical school. And the ginger bread cookies from IKEA. And the CDs. And the table cloth. And the clothes. And the album I made from when my friend and her mother came to visit us in Oslo. And the Norwegian omega 3 tablets they asked for! And Norwegian chocolate. And Neutrogena products for my sister. Wow.
• Three pairs of shoes: GoreTex running shoes, Chaco sandals, and a pair of ballet flats. (Oh, and some flip flops.)
• Day wear for sightseeing: Nice jeans, t-shirts (and maybe some other, nicer shirts.)
• At night: Same, but with sweaters and jacket on top.
• For hiking: Cargo pants, sports bra, tank tops, long-sleeved t-shirts for layering.
• In case we do water stuff: Bathing suit, bikini, shorts
• For Christmas: Short dress that can be layered on top of jeans or tights. Cardigan on top.
• For New Years: Different short dress, can also be layered.
• To stay warm: My light down jacket, windproof fleece, a few sweaters, long sleeved shirts
• To stay warm in bed (I am envisioning cold houses!): Long-sleeved t-shirts, yoga pants, hooded sweatshirt, warm socks
• Hat for sun, maybe hat for warmth? Purse, money belt, camera
• Sunscreen! And other toiletries of course
• Drugs: car sickness, cold medicine, Imodium
• Some snacks for the trip

I hope I can fit all this in my bag! I am taking a large but floppy duffel bag that doesn't weigh a lot in itself. Tonight is a holiday reception at work so most of the packing will be tomorrow. Good luck to me!!

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Best of luck with the packing and I hope you have a wonderful time! Are you taking your camera?


It should all fit and then after delivering the gifts you'll have room to bring stuff back. I love Mexico but haven't been there in years. I love the hot pink stethoscope! That alone should perk up patients. See you soon!

About the 2010 Venice GTG: there's a long thread about it on Slow Talk in the GTG forum. It would be so cool if it all works out! I've got it in the back of my mind, even though October is not really a great time for me to get away from work but I hope I can make it happen.

And of course, I'll be your shrine and church guide (but only for free) - what a blast that would be!

Have a wonderful holiday in Mexico!

I cracked up when I saw that you actually did a link to my silly ziploc bag! It sounds like you have a great plan for packing. I hope it all fits and you stay warm! Enjoy!!


Chiocciola, that looks like a great list. And what a packing challenge! Swings in temperature, Christmas gifts, parties, but also outdoor stuff like hiking.....yikes!

Still, it looks like you have thought of everything. I can't wait to see the pix!

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