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Inauguration Weekend: The We Are One Concert

It is a great time to be in DC! I am having a great time and enjoying the hustle and bustle! The two big events so far were the We Are One concert at the National Mall yesterday - and going to see the Oprah Winfrey Show which was being broadcast from the John F. Kennedy Center!! Oprah's on the road!

The concert was great - here are my favorites: Mary J. Blige, who did Lean on Me - it was fun and she has such a great voice! Plus it was fun to sing along and jump up and down. You can see a video of it here.

Garth Brooks - who would have thought? He sang American Pie and Shout! He had a great time and so did the audience, once again singing along and dancing.

Beyonce sang at the very end and wow it was awesome. A great end!

John Mellencamp was also a lot of fun!

Biggest of all for me, though: U2! I have been a fan for a loooong time and it was a dream come true. See it here

The logistics of it all also worked a lot better than I feared - getting in was not too hard, getting out took a long time but with no problems. It was chilly but bearable - even though after several hours outside you are gonna feel cold no matter what.

Walking in:

The stage:

Here is a photo of the people sitting on top of the portable toilets!

People sitting in trees:

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I'm not too sure how I feel about people sitting on those porta-potties!

It was great seeing you again yesterday at Dino. I hope you digested all that meat OK!

You are so lucky! I watched the concert on my computer three times. What fun to be there! I love the photos! Were people using the porta-potties while other people were sitting on top of them?

It sure looks cold there! I am just about to watch Oprah. I will look for you. I can't wait til tomorrow!!

Wow, I'm sure it's a magical time to be in DC! I loved that We are One concert so much last night...I watched it twice! And I've been singing Stevie Wonder's song "Higher Ground" in my head all day today, that was my fave. And Obama's speech was wonderful. Just think....tomorrow is the day!

And you got to see Oprah? I heard on NPR that she was there. How cool!


Was thinking of you while watching Obama's inauguration on TV just now. How incredibly exciting that you saw it live!! I must confess that I felt an extra little connection to the scene just from knowing my blog friend was there in person! What an uplifting and hopeful speech he gave too, so full of promise!

Barb Cabot:

Great read Chiocciola and wonderful pics. So happy for you to be there in the middle of this history making event. What a dream you are living. Thanks for sharing. Barb C.

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