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Jalpan, San Luis Potosi

Jalpan de Serra is a town in the state of Querétaro, where we stopped on our way to the Huasteca. It is also the main city in the Sierra Gorda region. Interestingly, Jalpan is home to one of five Franciscan missions in the Sierra Gorda, Santiago the Jalpan. These were all founded by Junípero Serra, who also founded many of the Franciscan missions of California, which I wrote about in November. The Sierra Gorda seems like a very remote and inaccessible place (I was very surprised I didn't get car sick - the curves were crazy!) but also beautiful. People seemed very surprised to see foreigners!

"The five Franciscan missions of Sierra Gorda were built during the last phase of the conversion to Christianity of the interior of Mexico in the mid-18th century." (UNESCO website.)

The Franciscan Missions of the Sierra Gorda have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2003. You can read a brief description and the justification for including them here.

The church in Jalpan was gorgeous and a lot more elaborate than what you would except from a small mountain town. Here are some photos!




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Oh my, what a gorgeous church! How surprising to find something like that so off the beaten track. I'm glad you didn't get car sick. :)

Wonderful photos!

Barb Cabot:

It's a beautiful church. I'm enjoying your south of the border xmas adventures.
Thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous exterior! I love the close up photo. I was surprised at the photo of the inside of the church. For some reason, I did not expect it to look anything like that. Just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing :)


What an amazing church to find in a small town!. It's so intricate outside, and also looks like it has a light and airy feeling inside. I think I'd be happy worshipping in there!

I read this and think that I'd love to visit Mexico. Often I just hear about people visiting the resorts and forget how much history and culture is to be found from stepping away from those heavily touristed areas.

Like you guys I was surprised to find something like this in such an off the beaten track place! It really was gorgeous, and it was interesting since I had recently visited Franciscan missions in California (Alta California, I guess, as opposed to Baja California.)

Anne, I am with you - Mexico is so steeped in history and amazing culture yet as foreigners we mainly hear about the resort towns. Maybe I should do a guided tour of the Huasteca, for my Slow Travel friends!

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