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Map of Norway

Here is a map of Norway, I should have posted this a long time ago. You can see how the fjords and inlets jot into the country.

Please study this map and I will test you when I come back! You have so far learned about Tromso and Oslo, plus about the Coastal Steamer that goes from Bergen to Kirkenes. Please familiarize yourself with those places! (Oops, Kirkenes is not on - look for Vardo instead, it is very close.)

I'll be back Tuesday!


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Such a cool coastline. Even if nothing else was familiar, I think I would feel at home here with the rocky coast and ocean always nearby. Eek, don't make the "test" too hard! ;o)


Very helpful! Look at the Arctic Circle, just catching the top of Norway.

Oh my gosh! I hope you are not going to remove the map on Tuesday and then quiz us!! :) I might need to copy it onto my laptop now just in case. Seriously, it is very helpful seeing this map. Interesting coastline. I can see how it takes so long to travel from Bergen to Kirkenes (near Vardo...glad you added that).

Norway is one of my parents' favorite countries-- and they have traveled a LOT. They've been to Norway maybe five times. I've heard of many of the places on your map and looked at their photos. They think we need to go. Someday we will!

Thanks! I had no idea of the size/scale and it's interesting to compare Norway with the surrounding countries.

Anne, I am sure it is a little similar to Canada!

Kaydee: how cool that your parents love it so much! I will say, though, that while I think you'd like it for the hiking, after enjoying southern France, you might find Norway a little lacking in food, drink, hospitality...

Is is going to be an "open blog" test? If not, don't make it hard,please.

Looking at the map, I can already start planning a trip there!

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