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Map of Norway in relation to the United States

When I posted the map of Norway a few days ago, Annie made a comment saying that she didn't really know the scale of the country and that it was interesting to compare it with its neighbors. When reading that, my very technologically advanced boyfriend said he could make a graphic superimposing Norway atop a map of the US, to see the size in comparison. And here it is! As you can see, it is a long and narrow country, almost as long as the US East Coast. On the West Coast, it would cover the distance from San Diego to Seattle. Enjoy:

Graphic: JY

A few facts:

  • Norway has 4.7 million inhabitants
  • The country is slightly larger than the US state New Mexico
  • It borders Sweden, Finland, and Russia
  • The four biggest cities are Oslo (the capital), Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. They are the only cities with more than 100,000 people.
  • Oslo has 573,388 inhabitants

Comments (9)

Now that is very cool! I would have probably put it up in New England, from Maine to Maryland. I didn't realize it was quite so big (or long). Great graphic!


That is a really interesting picture, I would not have been able to see it like that before. And while I have not been commenting, I have been enjoying your Norway postings.

This is so cool! I would have never imagined Norway to be so big. I wonder how Italy would look compared to both Norway and the US. Thanks for the visual. It really helped me understand the size of Norway.


That is really an fascinating visual. It is always interesting to see how really big the US is. I posted yesterday that Italy is only as large as Arizona--hard to believe as it looms so large in our minds.

Very cool! I would love to learn how to do that.
Norway is bigger than I expected. And I was wondering like girasoli, how does Italy compare?


Congratulations to your bf for the super-imposed maps of both countries. It gave me a comparative understanding of the countries sizes. Like Marcia, I am another one who have been enjoying your blogs about Norway. Thank you for sharing with us.


Great graphic Chiocciola! I had no idea Norway was anywhere close to that size - WOW!

(and thanks for signing my "petition"!)

Thanks guys, glad you liked it! (And thanks, JY, for making it! I will see if he can be talked into making one with Italy.)

Candi, I think he makes it with Google Earth and Photoshop.

I can't believe I finally found a site that shows a size comparison of Norway and the US! My fiance lives in Norway. I can't wait to send him this picture. After we marry we will be living in New Hampshire.
Thanks again for sharing!!
Lynn & Hugo

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