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My Elementary School

This is not good enough, I know, but it is almost midnight... Here is a photo of my elementary school. Tomorrow I'll write something about education! :)


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How cool that you have a photo of your elementary school. Did you like take it when you went back, or have you had since you went to school?


It's getting harder to keep up with the every day thing, for me, too. I really like this picture you posted. It's not your everyday post card type shot.

I am always fascinated by schools in other countries. Having spending my adult life in elementary education I have this 'image' of an elementary school. It is great to be reminded that it isn't that way around the world. I look forward to hearing/reading/seeing more.


That is a big elementary school. All the elementary schools where I am are all one-story. Powers that be probably are weary of stairs and kids falling down in our sue-happy and lawsuit society.

Cool photo.

The school looks so cute and quaint.

Candi, I just got this off the internet! The building to the left was added after I left, and there is also another annex on the other side - but that one is very ugly! It is interesting that the first annex, which was built in the 60s I think, was ugly and completely different from the first building, while the second annex was built to look like the school.

I think it has about 450 students in 7 grades, so it is not that big actually.


It looks like it could be a villa somewhere, one that could sleep 4 families. Nice photo. My elementary could be any number of the 100's that dot the LA Unified empire, although I did see it a few months back when I went to visit a new friend who lives in my old neighborhood, sorry I didn't have my camera with me looking at your picture.

The first thing I noticed is that the building is so tall. All elementary schools I have been in or worked at (Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington, & Hawaii) have been one floor buildings. It really is a beautiful building. I am really glad you shared!


Looking forward to hearing about education in Norway. Our exhchange students shared some information about education in their home countries, but it was from a teenage perspective, and they were really more interested in their experience here at the time.

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