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Photos from Norway

It is 11:51pm so I better hurry! I am posting some photos today - hopefully they complement the last days' posts. This is a little photo sampler, just different photos from different parts of the country. I have gotten some ideas to more posts, though: Norse Mythology, midnight sun, Norwegian food...

Thanks for your kind comments - interesting to see that several of you have a Norwegian connection! Anne is one, and Sandra; Palma another (turns out Brad is half Norwegian!)

Kayaking in southern Norway:

Same place just a day later; so windy!

The small coastal towns of southern Norway have almost all white houses:

Eating shrimp in northern Norway:

This is in the north, in Tromso, in the middle of the night, on one of the very last days of midnight sun in the end of July 2007 (i.e. this is the darkest time of the night):

The mountain behind Tromso:

OK it is midnight so I better wrap up!! (Edited to add: Looks like the post get dated with the time and date of when the post is started - that is good to know!)

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C--I am really enjoying this series of posts. Thanks for putting so much effort into them. The pictures on this one are gorgeous!! Ddi you get homesick as you posted them?

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Chiocciola, beautiful photos! And that plate of shrimp looks so delicious. I have never been to Norway. Looks like a great place to visit one day.

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos. Have a great day tomorrow.


Hey, Congratulations! You made the Feb. 5th posting! :) I am enjoying this bit of history lesson.

Chiocciola, nice photos.
The shrimp looks so good!


This is great stuff. Beautiful photos, too. Makes me want to go!

These are so gorgeous. And I'd love to know more about Norse mythology if you get inspired (I know nothing!). And Norwegian food too! And what it's like in terms of the seasons, daylight,midnight sun, that kind of stuff.

Thanks for posting the link in the previous thread - I'm going to go check it out now.

Barb Cabot:

Thank you for all of this info and beautiful photos of your home land. I have never been to Norway but I would love to go. Is there a drink that goes with the shrimp dish. I know the Danes have a strong drink that they put in the freezer and you drink in shots.


Your photos are wonderful. I am surprised at how much southern Norway resembles Nova Scotia, these really could be scenes from our coastline.


Lovely photos, Chiocciola! The not-quite-setting sun shot is fabulous.

I've encountered the midnight sun in Whitehorse, and found it a bit disturbing. I couldn't sleep at night, even with eyeshades -- I guess my mind couldn't let go of the fact that it was still light out and therefore, not time to sleep!

Thanks everybody, you are so kind!!
Barb, most people would have shrimp with white wine or maybe beer, but we also have Aquavit, like they have in Denmark, a strong, clear drink that is taken in shots. It is often kept in the freezer to get really cold and is drunk a lot around Christmas, with beer and heavy food.


What beautiful photos!

I hope to visit Sweden someday - where my ancestors came from. So, maybe it will be similar?

Gorgeous photos! Love the one taken in the middle of the night. Amazing how it can stay light all night.

If can change the time on a post manually also. That way if you start before midnight or even right after midnight, you can still date the post for the day before by changing the time.

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