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Seigmenn and Seigdamer - jelly men and jelly women


Both Annie and Marcia commented on the little jelly people on the cake in yesterday's post, so I figured I'd dedicate a whole post to them! They are called seigmenn and seigdamer in Norwegian.

Testing imagesThe sugar covered jelly men were launched by a Norwegian candy company in 1965, and it 2001 they added jelly women as well. They taste different than American jelly beans but that is the closest explanation I can think of. Each year, Norwegians eat more than 225 million jelly men and jelly women! They are great for decorating cakes and gingerbread houses, and they taste really really good.

Testing imagesNorwegians also like chocolate a lot, especially Norwegian milk chocolate. Although I prefer dark chocolate, I really really like our milk chocolate! It is a common gift for friends abroad. (For instance, my sister's Mexican host das LOVES it! She can't bring enough when she goes there.) Another popular candy is called Bamsemums, a bear-shaped candy. We also have bear shaped licorice... We must really like our candy in human or animal form! (I guess I could do another post on salty licorice - a favorite of northern Europeans but hated by pretty much everybody else!)

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I love licorice. And I bet I'd love these jelly men and women. My husband always jokes that I must be the tester for many of the candies on the shelf as no one else likes many of them but me:)

They are so cute! So are they anything like gummy bears? I'd love to try salty licorice (I've never heard of it but I bet I'd like it).

Yum - these looks really good. Jelly candy (of any sort, really) is a favourite of mine.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Chiocciola, great post. I like how they have action poses. They do look like they make great cake decorations. Very cool! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

These little jelly people are adorable! Interesting that it took until 2001 to add jelly women. I bet they taste delicious!


Thank you for elaborating, it was fun to read about the jelly peeps.


How cute those are!!! I can envision a cake with a whole village of little people!


During our visit to Norway, Chris's mom put out some Norwegian Chocolate after dinner each night. It was really delicious. We also enjoyed the jelly candies!


Ooooh, those look so good. I also love any form of jelly candy (I don't dare buy ju-jubes) When I used to work night editing shifts, we'd buy big bags of dino-sours -- dinosaur-shaped jellies that had a sweet/sour taste to them. Fantastic!

Barb Cabot:

I'm just catching up here and found these. They are too cute! love them, they're so jolly and happy. Beth they taste good. Thanks for showing us some Norwegian style candy.


So, I just finished a double bag of Seigmenn and Seigdamer - which were awwwwesome. I fell in love with these little peeps after my Norwegian penpal brought me some. He also brought the notorious salty candy -accckkkk- and bamsemums. LOVE!


Shawnie, thanks for your comment!! Glad you liked the seigmenn!

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