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You ask, I provide!

Girasoli and Candi were asking how Italy might compare to the US sizewise. Your wish is my command (or rather, your wish is my wish to the wonderful JY) and here it is. Italy is a little bit smaller than Norway (Norway is 307,442 sq km, Italy is 294,020 sq km.)


This was fun!

It also gave me an idea for a future post: anything else you want to know about Norway? I was thinking about the education system and food as two possible topics (I always enjoy reading about the classrooms of blog friends Girasoli and Amy.) So bring on the questions!

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These map comparisons are really great. Thanks.

Thanks Chiocciola. I would have never guessed that Norway would be bigger than Italy. This is so cool.
And yes I would love to learn about food in Norway, and education system would be interesting.

I feel so honored! Very cool. Interesting to see both Italy and Norway compared to the US. Thanks so much!! I am looking forward to your future post idea.


I wonder how Italy and California would compare. They look similar in size.

Thanks for an interesting post!

That is a good reminder for those who think nothing of driving from one end of Texas to the other, but mock those who want to drive from Rome to Venice! *smile*

Very cool graphic (and fun to compare it with the previous one).

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