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Indecision 2009: Hotel Orologio or Hotel Commercianti?

In this post, I said I had decided on a hotel in Bologna; the Hotel Commercianti, one of the Bologna Art Hotels. The Commercianti is a four star hotel, while its sister hotel, Orologio, is a three-plus star or something like that. I decided on the Commercianti because the total price there was lower. Now, however, the Orologio is cheaper so I've got a reservation there too! The price difference is small but from the reviews on TripAdvisor, the Orologio is a better hotel. So I guess we'll go with the slightly cheaper hotel with better ratings... I did like the idea of a four star hotel for a low price but maybe we'll be happier at the three star Hotel Orologio... It comes recommended by other Slow Travelers as well. Both hotels are right by the Piazza Maggiore so the location will be good no matter what.

I am going back and forth a lot but it is pretty fun! Especially since I have been very lucky with the prices so far. I'll make sure to let you know what I decide!


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Now you have me thinking maybe I should consider one of these hotels. They have some great rates right now. Still a little more than the hotel I am staying at but not by much. Both look like great hotels. In the summer, the Orologio is much more expensive than the 4 star Commercianti. I wonder why? Good luck deciding.

Barb Cabot:

This photo draws one in. I want to be there. Soon you will be! oooohhh!

From what I gather, this is a GREAT time to go to Italy with tourism down. I'm glad you are able to take advantage of some lower prices! I think I'd go with the three-star place too. Happy planning!


Interesting post, Chiocciola! I've been pondering a similar question.

I've been booked for a while, for a week's stay at Bologna's Hotel Porta San Mamolo, which has promised me a double for single use, with a little balcony, for 105 euro per night. Fine -- I've such great things about this hotel that I'm quite pleased.

But, as I can never leave well enough alone, and after reading Mary's rave review of the Hotel Orologio on her blog, I sent the Orologio a request. First, they asked for 135 euro per night. When I emailed back to say that was too pricey for me, they came back with an offer of 90 euro per night! Again, a double for single use room.

I was shocked by the difference -- as Annie says, I suppose the tourism business is down a bit. But I think I'll stay with my original booking, even if it is a bit more expensive. The Porta San Mamolo sounds so lovely (and quiet, which matters to me!)

Good luck with your decision making -- it's a tough call!

Very interesting, Girasoli and Sandra - for my dates, the Orologio is a lot cheaper than the San Mamolo - the single for double use at Orologio when I am going, is only 75 euro. So things change a lot and what is the cheapest option is different from day to day.

Annie, Barb - thanks!

Chiocciola, I don't know anything about the hotels you are debating. But if it was me, I'll go for the cheaper with better ratings. How great that you are going ti Italy!


Chiocciola, great location. You will be pleased with it and the hotel, at least I think so!


You will love being footsteps from Piazza Maggiore, AND with great pizza downstairs!

Well, I did it. I feel like a traitor to the hotel I love but I could not resist staying right in the center. I emailed Hotel Orologio and got a rate of 75 euros per night with an upgrade to a deluxe double room for single use. I can't wait to hear what you think of this hotel. I am excited to see Bologna from a slightly different perspective (with where I will be staying). I will still have to head over to the Hotel Porta San Mamolo area though for a dinner at Osteria al 15.

Woohoo!! You are leaving so soon now!! I am so excited that you are returning to Bologna again. I hope your packing gets resolved soon. Now don't cut off any pants if you have similar shorts :)

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