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Indecision 2009: Thanks for the comments and ideas

You guys are the best! I am answering the comments from yesterday's post here as I think there were many good ideas.

Annie, I think I'll do as you say and not skip Rome! :)

Jane, Teatro della Pace looks really nice but with the promotional rate, The Inn at Roman Forum is actually a tiny bit cheaper. I'll keep this one in mind though!

Marta, Castelrotto does sound nice - I will check out some hotels there. I leave towards the end of April so Castelrotto would be in early May.

Girasoli, Nicolas Inn sounded perfect - but they were all booked! I might check in again from time to time, though.

Sandra, I am flying into Rome, and then catching the train to Lecce, which takes about 5 1/2 hours. I used FF miles so I didn't have a lot of flexibility, plus I like the train! Residenza in Farnese looks nice but actually turns out more expensive than the Inn at Roman Forum. Canali is still in the running, though! 165 euro per night for a double. (And yes, I love the Daily Show...)

Marcia, I have been enjoying following others travel so I am excited to have you follow along! Bologna is pretty great, hope you get to see it one day.

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Those 2 hotels in Bologna look fabulous! But...what's with the scenery outside the open windows? Is that for real??

Bummer that Nicholas Inn is booked. Rome seems to always be so expensive. I have also thought of maybe staying in Rome for the first few days but my jet lag after 24 hours of flying is pretty bad. I am afraid I will be hit by a car in Rome not paying attention while walking around in a daze. I am also in this indecision mode a the moment. The good thing is it is pretty difficult to make a bad decision since there are so many wonderful choices in Italy.

I love your plans, Chiocciola. I can't wait to hear more.

Yay! I think Rome is such a romantic city. :)


Chiocciola, I'm with you on Italian trains -- I love 'em! I don't mind at all landing in Rome and then finding my way someplace else. Especially at the beginning of a trip, when it's all a big adventure (sometimes I feel tired and overfed by the end of a trip!)

In Rome, have you stayed at the Esmeraldo? VickyP was staying there when we had a GTG the last time I was in Rome, and seemed to think it was okay. Especially for the price!

Your trip sounds wonderful. I've had Lecce (and Alberobello) in my Italy list for many years.


Sounds like a great trip. Since I too will be stateside, I will look forward to your planning and trip! Enjoy.

We enjoyed the Lancelot hotel - ask for one of the rooms with a terrace. It is located south of the collesium.

Sorry guys, I never got around to reply to the comments! Thanks for the ideas, I will check out the Lancelot now!

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