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Decision 2009: My BB in Lecce

Now with more photos!

I wanted to write about one more decision I have made: My bed and breakfast in Lecce, Casa dei Mercanti. Unfortunately, their website has been down for the last 48 hours and may still be so when you try to click the link. It also means that I can't post any photos from it - except from this one photo I found on Google Images. Edited to add: Website is working now! However, it is all flash so I am having a hard time copying any images. You'll have to wait for my own. :)

I had wanted to post a photo from my particular "junior suite", named Corallo, because it looks so pretty with the reds and pinks! (I'll add photos when the site is back up.) Also, the price is great, just 55 euro for a double used as single, including breakfast. They have also organized a guide for a walking tour the first day. They don't have many reviews online but the ones that are there are very positive. Each little suite has a kitchen and the decor looks beautiful in all of them. Interestingly, I have gotten the impression that most tourists in Lecce stay in BBs. There are lots of BBs and not a lot of hotels.

Hopefully I will be happy with my choice!!

Sign at the entrance of the suite:

Dining room:


Weird long photo captured from the virtual tour:

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This room looks very neat and charming. You are going to love it. And wow 55 euros is a great price.

Barb Cabot:

Looks lovely. I will be very anxious to follow your trip and to hear how things go. Good luck. Everything is falling into place well.

This looks like a beautiful room. I tried the link but it is still not working. I will be checking back to see "your room" later :) What fun! I can't wait to hear about your time there. I have been wanting to go to Lecce.

Candi, isn't that a great price? I wish I was staying longer!

Barb, thanks for your comment!

Girasoli, yes, now it is working! The website is a little over the top but look for Accomodations and then Corallo.

That is such a lovely room! Almost looks Asian. And that price is awesome!


Wow, that's an amazing price, especially for such a cool-looking B+B! It looks as though the owners have put some care and attention into the design and decorating, so that's a good sign! A walking tour when you arrive should be really interesting.

Your travel plans seem to be falling into place very well. This should be a great trip!

BTW, I've decided to switch hotels in Bologna and am going with the Orologio after all! I'll have to do another blog post on this and other plans related to Bologna.

That was a find - it looks great!

Just saw the new photos you added, and I am loving it. I will have to bookmark for possible stay someday (I hope).

Looks very lovely and the price is amazing. I’ve heard so much about Lecce and plan to go there, hopefully on my next trip to Sicily.

Love seeing the extra photos. It does look like a great place to stay! Can't wait to hear more when you are there or when you get back home.

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