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Decision 2009: Pizzeria Gianna

A fellow Slow Traveler started this discussion on restaurants in Bologna, which made me think more about what I ate when I lived there. I really am no gourmet, and was even less of one then, but of course I did enjoy the wonderful foods that Bologna has to offer!

One place in particular saw a lot of my business: Pizzeria Gianna, a small pizzeria on Via Santo Stefano, close to to where I lived. I must have gone there three times a week! Of all the pizza places in Bologna, I was lucky that a really great one (or rather, one that I really liked) was so close to my house. Can't wait to go there!

I did a quick search for it earlier today and there is even mention of it on the internet! Pizzeria Gianna, Bologna. It is located on Via Santo Stefano 76, a short walk from Piazza Santo Stefano. If you are walking from the piazza, it is on your left, shortly before getting to Via Fondazza. It is a very basic place, you can sit along the bar or along the window, but great for a tasty pizza!

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This sounds great, I love Italian pizza (thin, crisp crust) and I love simple pizza places. I notice Gianna doesn't take credit cards, bank cards or reservations! This is definitely going on my restaurant list.

Italian pizza is the best! I am not a big pizza person, but I did eat a lot while in Italy.

Where abouts is this pizzeria? Is it in or near Piazza Santo Stefano? The only recommendations I had in Bologna were places closer to the train station. I really did not want to be walking back to my hotel from that area late at night. I will definitely have to try this one out. I love eating pizza in Italy. Thanks for the recommendation!

Sandra, it is very basic (you sit along the bar) but I love pizza and this one I always thought was great! It is five years ago, though!

Candi, I think even people who are not big pizza eaters like it in Italy!

Girasoli, it is not far from the your hotel actually. It is probably 2/3 of the way between Piazza Santo Stefano and Porta Santo Stefano. If you are walking from the piazza, it is on your left, shortly before getting to Via Fondazza. It is a fast walk and from there you can easily go to your hotel. It is only two porte over; you're at San Mamolo, then there's Porta Castiglione, and then S. Stefano (although it is nicer to take side streets than walk on the viale.)

So is it near the fabulous Pasticceria Laganà? I need to get my map out to check out your directions. Definitely will be eating here.


It's on my list too. I just wish that would be THIS YEAR!

Palma, I feel you! But you have a trip this summer, right, just not to Bologna?

Girasoli, exactly, it is on the same street, just a little bit before Lagana (before crossing via Fondazza.)

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