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Lo spritz!

Sandra and Nancy asked about spritz in the comments to the last post, so I wanted to write a quick note about spritz. Spritz is an aperitivo that is common in the Veneto and surrounding regions. (On this trip I had them in regions that border the Veneto, such as the Trentino and Emilia-Romagna, but I also had it in Lecce so although it comes from the Veneto, it seems to be available in a lot of places.)

Spritz can be made several ways, but the most common version is spritz made with Aperol. Aperol is an Italian aperitivo made by the Campari company. It is a beautiful orange color (and in my opinion tastes nothing like Campari.) Aperol only has 11% alcohol. Spritz is made with either prosecco or white wine, Aperol, and some sparkling water. I think the ones I had were most often made with white wine, although the prosecco ones are delicious! You can also make spritz with Campari but I didn't see that much.

Spritz is a wonderful pre-dinner drink because it is not too alcoholic (important when drinking on an empty stomach!) and because it is refreshing and delicious, of course. I can't think of a better end of a day, beginning of an evening than to sip a spritz in a beautiful town square, while munching on some chips or other aperitivo type snacks. Yum!

To order it, simply ask for "uno spritz". Some places that automatically meant with Aperol, other places they asked - you can add "con Aperol" to make sure.

Aperol is sold in the US and many European countries so it is easy to make at home. We are experimenting with the best ways to mix it - opening a bottle of prosecco when you only need a little bit seems silly so we have been using mostly white wine - but for a party, I want to use the prosecco!

There seems to be many differing opinions on the proportions of a spritz - some say equal parts Aperol and wine, others say one third to two thirds, then a dash of sparkling water.

Spritz and snacks in Bolzano:

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Barb Cabot:

I'm going to try this. Sounds like a perfect summer drink.


Chiocciola, this is VERY helpful! Friday night, when I get to Parma and I'm terribly jet-lagged, I'm going to stagger to the nearest bar and order "uno spritz!"

It sounds refreshing and light -- as much as I love wine, sometimes one wants something a bit different (and with less alcohol) before, or apart from, a meal.

I was going to make a childish joke about your surprisingly hairy arms. But perhaps I'll instead remark on the nice little appetizer plate that J. (I assume those arms are attached to J.) has with his spritz!

Is it sweet or bitter? Pretty color :)

Looks delicious!


I'm going to try one! It does look very refreshing.

Thanks for answering all of our Spritz questions.

I read somewhere that the spritz was invented in Venice by the Austrians during their 19th occupation of the city and that they invented it because they thought that Italian wine was too strong. But what gets me is that most of the spritzes I've had in Venice have really packed a punch (more than wine!). So I think the recipe and strength varies a lot from place to place.

Love the photo!


Someday, we say, we are going to order a Spritz and it will come with more than one ice cube - spoiled Americans.


Ahhh...refreshing! Maria introduced me to a spritz during our time together in Venice. It was delicious, and such a glowing gorgeous orange colour. Thanks for reminding me of that lovely evening. And so glad to hear your trip was awesome!! Can't wait to hear more :)

As Anne mentioned, we had a spritz in Venice last October. It looked just like the one in your photo, such pretty color and so refreshing. I’ve never thought of making one here at home but after reading this post, I suddenly feel the urge to try it.

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