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Day 21: Over so soon!


It seems like we just arrived, but it also seems like we've been here for months. It turned out to be a completely different trip than I'd imagined it would be, but that should be no surprise since my imagination rarely makes an accurate forecast. I loved it, and I love Paris, way more than when I arrived!

In spite of all my whining about the weather, I wouldn't have missed this or changed a thing. The cold and the rain forced me to forget my long list of things to accomplish here and just savor one day at a time.

It left me lots of time for just walking and looking, my favorite all-time Paris activity, and standing at the window and looking, my new past-time. The changing look of Notre Dame in different light and at different times of day reminded me of Monet's paintings of the Rouen Cathedral. If only I could take photographs like he could paint!

I was disappointed today to see that the world's homeliest dog, who belongs to the bookinistes just below our window, didn't come to "work" today. I've enjoyed watching him just about every day.

Now I have to pack. I didn't buy much while I was here, but it may be just enough to make it difficult.

Thanks, everyone, for reading all of this. I wish I could have made it more entertaining!

Au revoir!

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Gorgeous photo! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself even though the weather was not what you expected. Dino and I eagerly read each post.

I'm so glad you had to good trip. Thanks for all the Paris posts. I enjoyed checking in each day to read your new adventures. Have a safe trip home.


Chris and Frank, I am so happy that you had a better time than you expected -- if possible -- and that you didn't let the weather get you down. Travel home safely!


Excellent traveling with you, thanks for sharing it and welcome home!


Loved reading your reports each day. The photo of Notre Dame is one of the most spectacular I've seen of that church!!! Glad you enjoyed a "different" vacation in Paris.

Chris that dog is just as you described him at the GTG so homely he's cute.

Have a good trip home and thanks for posting during your trip. I loved reading all the details. Your cats will be happy, happy, happy to see you!!


Chris, I've tremendously enjoyed following your blog. It feels like I know you better now. Welcome home!

What a thoroughly enjoyable travel blog! Thank you!

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