The theme for this week's Photo Hunter is "aftermath". At first I was thinking about the tornado that hit my parents house over 10 years ago, but I don't have any photos that I took, only newspaper articles. I still hadn't decided what photo to use until tonight. Then I came up with the perfect "aftermath" photo-the wrapper remains of the Amaretti di Saronno that I ate today. I must admit it, I have a weakness. I have no willpower when it comes to certain things. And one of those things are crunchy, almond cookies. I make a point not to buy them, because I can eat an entire box all at once. But I needed them for Palma's Sunday Slow Soupers recipe for next week, so I was forced to buy them. And of course I just had to sample one on the way home. And the one became two, then three, then as you can see, a few more. Okay, maybe I like this kind of aftermath.

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I am laughing!
I had to buy some for sunday too. The sacrifices we make!
cute aftermath!

I also have a weakness for the amaretti and that's way I never buy them!


Looks like a delicious aftermath.

Very cool choice! I love those pretty wrappers.

This week was very tough. I also had to think long and hard and then dedicate myself to the photohunt for my aftermath.

This one made me smile. I haven't done this with amaretti but I have with toffee. It is fun to indulge. Fun post and great take on Aftermath.

A cool looking photo and a funny take on the theme! I've had similar looking aftermaths when my will power failed, as it often does. :)


Wrappers are almost as fun as the food. I have been known to lick the crumbs.

I'm so glad you found some! I did mail some to Ida, Yours are nice and fresh for eating. Mine are old and hard for soup!
Cute for "aftermath".


Your take on the topic made me smile. I can relate. Mine's up too.

You got the good ones! YUM A tasty aftermath to be sure.

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