I thought I'd show a photo that my husband took a couple of years ago. We were on Maui, and did a whale watching trip with Pacific Whale Foundation. We saw lots of whales, and saw this one breech out of the water. A pretty exciting viewing!

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Wow, what an amazing photo. How lucky to get to see that in person!


Great photo, Cindy. We love the Pacific Whale Foundation.

Great photo! I saw two humpback whales (mom and baby) breach once while sailing with a friend. It was so cool! I didn't get a photo though.

Great image, Cindy!
They are such majestic creatures. We're going to Victoria for a few days and will book a whalewatching cruise with one of the locals who owns a SAFE boat that I'll set foot on! A little chicken about deep water, can you tell?

It was really special seeing this whale breach. When we go to Maui, we always go out with Pacific Whale Foundation because they're super nice, and we always see whales. We're lucky that we see them here in Alaska also. Brenda, I hope you enjoy going out on the boat in Victoria. I can be funny about water also.

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