I finished my blogging everyday in February, and then what happens? I haven't seemed to have the energy or desire to find things to write about. I will get better, I promise.

On Wednesday, I had to go to Juneau for work. It's about 1 1/2 hour flight from Anchorage. Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day in Juneau. The temperature was about 29 degrees F, but because of the sun, it felt much warmer. Mid-morning I took a quick drive to Mendenhall Glacier, which is right in town. The first photo here is harder to see the glacier in. It's the horizontal area above the trees.It had fresh snow on it, so the blue didn't show as much as it usually does.


This second photo is a closer picture of the glacier. I wish I had more time than just the few minutes I had (and it also would have helped if I didn't have on a suit with dress shoes!). It's sights like this that really make you appreciate living in Alaska.


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Very cool photos, I can see the blue! And I'm impressed you took these photos in your dress shoes. :)

Beautiful, Cindy. Yeah I can imagine you with dress shoes on trying to snap these photos!

Randy Moore:


Denise, Taylor and I were in Juneau a couple of years ago and rafted down the Mendenhall River all the way back to Juneau. It was a beautiful way to spend a couple of hours. Since I'm the only one that stayed dry, I probably remember it a little more fondly than they do.



The blue is really cool - and I also like the image of you in a suit and dress shoes out there taking the pictures.

It is really cool to see the blue of glaciers.
Randy-I didn't know you all had visited Alaska. Did you do a cruise? Did you make it to Anchorage? The raft trip sounds great-I didn't know they did that.

I am also wiped out after February blogging this year. Just starting to catch up now. Beautiful photos! I had to laugh picturing you in your suit and dress shoes taking these photos :)

Fabulous photos for this week. :)


Gorgeous. I was there MANY years ago on an Alaska cruise.

Randy Moore:

Cindy - We cruised from Seattle about 3 years ago. It was our first cruise and turned out to be one of our best vacations ever. We went in early June which turned out to be almost perfect. Sometime in the near future we'd like to do it again and start from Anchorage. If we do, we'll call ahead and you can have Scott fire up the grill.
Miss you guys!

Both the pictures looked very beautiful and spectacular....Its my deepest desire to visit such marvellous places with my family.

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