I love to try different types of jams and jellies, and I bought a new one the other day-Papaya Orange Habanero Preserves. I thought it would be good to glaze shrimp with. So while I was out and about, I called my husband and asked him to thaw out some shrimp. When I got home and looked in the crisper-I realized I was out of most vegetables, and what was I going to make? So I decided to make a noodle salad. Okay, I've never made one before, and have never looked at a recipe for one before. But here's what I did-grilled the shrimp, and glazed with the jam. Set aside after cooking. Cooked bean thread noodles, put in cool water, and drained. When cool, I mixed in some chili galic sauce, some sesame oil, and some soy sauce. I then thinly sliced and mixed together 1/2 head of savoy cabbage(leftover from the Minestrone soup), 1 red bell pepper, 2 carrots and 1/4 red onion. That cleaned out my fridge. In a big bowl, I tossed together this vegetable mixture, the noodles, and the grilled shrimp. I made a little dressing to pour over the top-some of the pineapple habanero jam, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, and more chili garlic sauce.

This turned out to be a really nice salad (even though the picture didn't turn out very well). Light and refreshing. Sometimes when you throw things together, they turn out well, and then, sometimes they go down the garbage disposal. Luckily, this one was very good.

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Barb Cabot:

Cindy Ruth, I admire someone like you who can take what you have and make it seem like the most gourmet item. Looks wonderful. Thanks.

Looks very tasty but what are bean thread noodles.

Maria-They're a thin noodle made out of mung beans. They come in small packages, and are white. You put them in boiling water for just a few minutes, where they turn almost clear. You then take them out and put in cold water to stop the cooking. You can then add them to salads or to soups, stir frys, etc. You can find them in asian markets or in the asian section of grocery stores.


After all these soups, that looks really good!


Thanks, Cindy. I'm going to look for them at my local Asian market. I'm always looking for salad recipes to prepare during our scorching summers.



You are very creative with your cooking - I love it!

I always think a good cook should be able to fix a meal with whatever is on hand, no matter what!

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