Notice the blurry photo? That's the way my mind was feeling. I woke up at 3am, couldn't go back to sleep, and finally went downstairs at 3:30am. I tried to sleep, no luck, so got up and fixed a cappucino and got my book and then thought about what photo I could use for PhotoHunt. This week's theme was "four". Then I noticed the clock, and snapped this photo. It's now 8am, and I still have that blurry, awful feeling you have when getting up in the middle of the night. It's going to be a very long day.

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Intersting pic! Sorry about your insomnia - been there, done that!

It is tough when sleep is interrupted. I like how you blurred the photo to show how you felt.

I hope your day and weekend goes better.

Unique take on the theme, Cindy. I am sorry you are woke up in the middle of the night.

Love your unique "four" photo. Sorry about the insomnia but maybe a nap is in order? Have a restful weekend.

ARGH - a horrid way to wake up!

Time to get a nap.


Sorry you had to suffer for your photo! Hope tonight is better.

I hope I sleep better tonight too. I wasn't able to even take a nap today-we have friends coming over for dinner, and when I made made dessert, which was a lemon cake, it didn't turn out and I had to make a second dessert(luckily I had ingredients on hand to make a chocolate mousse). Tonight might call for a sleeping pill just to make sure I sleep well.

Sorry you woke up so early and could not go back to sleep. I hate when that happens. It is so frustrating trying to force yourself back to sleep. Cool photo! Especially since you were able to snap it exactly at 4 am (although pm probably would have been a happier 4 photo for you). Hope you slept better last night.


I think that is one great shot, I'm just sorry that it came to you via a sleepless night.

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