The theme for this week's PhotoHunt is "garbarge". I looked through my photos, and couldn't find any appropriate pictures. Then I decided to take a picture of my own garbarge. The sad thing about this photo are the glass bottles in the trash. Earlier this year, Anchorage decided to no longer recycle glass because of the high cost/little revenue that is involved. It is a shame. In our small household of two people, we produce a lot of glass waste. The trash is usually filled with more wine bottles than the one that's shown here (we made up for the wine with Mike's Hard Lemonaid!).

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What a stupid decision - the recycling isn't about making money but about care for the environment. One would think that folks who live in such a fragile ecosystem might think about that once in awhile! LOL Great shot.

It's a very cool looking photo! That's a bummer about the glass recycling; maybe they will change their minds at some point.

Have a great weekend!

Hmm. I thought recycling is about helping the environment, not revenue. Interesting.

Cool shot, I have some these Mike's Hard Lemonade in my fridge right now:)

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