I'm not a very athletic person, and I have no interest in watching sports on TV. I do go hiking some, and I do cross-country ski some in the winter, which I guess could be considered sports. I do fish, again a sport. But a decided to show a photo I just came across-the first skydive I ever did. I think I mentioned earlier that you couldn't pay me to do it again. This was the first ever (I've done it 6 times). You can see the static line hooked to me-it automatically pulls your chute open when you jump from the plane. The quality of this photo isn't good, so I'm not sure if you can see it, but I am so nervous and tense that you can see that tension in my outstretched arms.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Cindy, wow that is such a cool photo! Much Kudos to you for jumping 6 times. I couldn't do it even one time. You are one brave and adventurous person.

Have a wonderful weekend!


WOW, congratualtions on the dive! I am so impressed!

I can't believe you actually sky-dived six times! Amazing!


Oh my, I got dizzy just looking at the photo. You did this *6* times???

Great photo but it scares me to death. I admire you for doing it six times. ;)

Wow! That is amazing that you did it. I would be so scared. I can see you are definitely tense. But a great accomplishment. And great post for this week's theme.


OMG! You jumped six times? Not even once for me! I am a devout coward!

Good for you though.

OMG! You are sooooo brave! 6 times!?! I have to take ativan just to fly (sitting in a seat on a big jet).

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