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Too Tired to Blog

I didn't blog yesterday. I know I committed to a blog a day, and I don't know if I will get demerits for not blogging, but... it just couldn't be helped. I kept thinking about blogging, and waiting for some blog-worthy event to happen so I could dutifully record it for my - ahem - fans, but nothing happened. I just went about my day trying to cram a weeks worth of chores into 12 hours and failing miserably.

I also failed at dinner. Yesterday I attempted a complicated Italian pot roast from a recipe in Cooks Illustrated. I love that magazine. I like the way they break down the mechanics of cooking - I've learned a great deal about how food responds to the elements. The pot roast was an all-afternoon affair but I was prepared for that; I started chopping and cooking at 3 in the afternoon. The recipe called for an entire bottle of Barolo to be poured into the pot with the meat and, eventually, reduced down to about a cup of liquid. Seriously? A $40 bottle of wine that we aren't going to drink? Forget that, I used a $4.99 bottle of Redwood Creek Cabernet. If I could afford a Barolo the last thing I'd do would be to cook it to death. Just as I was putting the meat in the oven we had to go fix the plumbing issues in my rental so I detoured from the recipe and put everything in the crock pot. By the time we got home the roast was done but the next few steps were beyond my energy level. It was closer to bed time than dinner time and all we wanted was food. We ate the meat in a winey, soupy broth that was, well.... winey. I couldn't even finish my portion and Paul skipped his stock phrase, "This is the best dinner I've ever had." I crammed the whole thing in the fridge and went to bed.

Today after work I followed the rest of the recipe, reducing the liquid and aromatics and straining out the cooked vegetables. With the beef added it actually tasted quite good.

I am scheduled to host a booth at a trade show for two days starting tomorrow. When my coworker and I realized how far we would have to drive to and from the meeting site we got permission to get a room at the venue. We will be at the Fort McDowell Casino and Hotel. The pictures look nice, and it will be a nice break for a couple days.

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