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Porn Stars Outside Our Window

While in Lisboa, one of our favorite things to do was lean on our windowsill with a glass of ice cold Vinho Verde and watch all the cool stuff happening in the Praca below.

One day we look out to see about a dozen or so people coming out of a building up the street a bit.

Dan said, "Wow, those women are sure dressed up for the middle of the afternoon." Actually, it would be more appropriate to say they were dressed down. Not in a casual way, but in a square inches of cloth way.

I guess they made up for the lack of fabric with the height of their heels, though.

As they came down the street toward us we got a closer look, and realized that the women (there were about 8 of them) looked more like street walkers than party goers. And the men were either young and divinely handsome, or they were older, brawnier, and looked like body guards.


We were trying to figure out what was going on, when suddenly a bunch of paparazzi appeared, snapping pictures of the group.

Ah ha...celebrities of some sort. They must have been at some function in that building they came out of.

Pretty soon, a charter bus pulled up to the curb and the whole bunch of them (minus the photographers) boarded and drove away.

Later that afternoon, as we walked up the street to the market, we stuck our head in at the building the group had come from. We hadn't paid any attention to it previously. Now we noticed the name. Cine Paradiso. Then we noticed the somewhat graphic posters inside.

The 'event' this group had been attending was evidently a premier for one of these movies, because we recognized several of them on the posters.

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Pictures? Where are the pictures? :D

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