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Preparing to prepare to prepare to write my trip reports

I spent the entire day today organizing photos from Spain & Portugal. More than 700 of them. Just organizing them, mind you. Not even rotating the ones that are supposed to be vertical!

All I've done so far is put them in the correct sequence in sub-folders within the five master folders that I plan to write the five chapters of my trip report about. Jeezzzzz!

Even though I have almost 40 pages of journal and another 20 pages of random thoughts and notes, (And a grocery bag full of brochures, business cards, village maps, travel guides, museum receipts, park guides, etc, etc, etc) I know that after four weeks of travel, I'll need the photos as visual aids to jog my memory on the details.

So, now I have five folders of photos. 1) Madrid; 2) Drive from Madrid to Galicia; 3) Galicia; 4) Northern Portugal and Drive to Lisboa; and 5) Lisboa.

I still have to go through each folder and create a descriptive line for each photo.

Then I need to copy all of the photos to a CD in their original format before I begin reformatting them to the 72ppi and 600p limits for online posting.

Once that is done, I can finally begin to create five photo essays and then five cooresponding trip reports for SlowTrav.

I'm considering reneging on my promise to Kim.

And then there is the travel note on the Renault buy-back program we used. Colleen never misses a chance to remind me about that one! Oh yeah, and Chris tells me that MY trip report may help her decide where she is going next year.

Pressure, pressure, pressure.

What I'm really considering is beginning my planning for next year. Trip planning is so much more fun that trip reporting.

But, SlowTrav is a 'pay-it-forward' community. So, I'll continue to trudge through this report. Thus earning my right to continue to research future trips. Karma.

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Don't you dare reneg or I'm going to have to come out there and kick some butt ;). But hey, who am I to talk - I still need to finish my London and Israel reports!

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