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Vila Jelka or Eco-Tours?

Emails are out to two environmentally sensitive adventure tour companies in Montenegro. Just waiting to hear from them before deciding which one to go with.

They are:
Vila Jelka and Eco-Tours

Annalisa Rellie, who wrote the best English language travel guide devoted to Montenegro that I've found, recommends both. But it does look like she favors Vila Jelka. From these pictures on their web site, I can see why!


On of the things they offer is a horseback ride up into the summer pastures.


You "camp" in these great private cabins. All the meals are prepared open air and using only organic local products.


Not exactly 'roughing it', huh?

I've figured out the train schedule from Belgrade to Kolosin. Now I'm trying to research the best way to get to Belgrade.

I'm leaning toward the comfortable familiar... Just fly round trip into FCO. Transfer to a JAT Airways flight straight from Rome to Belgrade. The timing of the flights are actually very good, we would arrive in Rome at about 8AM and depart for Belgrade at about 10 AM.
We are planning to fly out of FCO anyway on our way home in July.

I'm having less luck finding just the right island hopping cruise in Dobrovnick.
Since, these cruises are scheduled with specific departure dates, we have to nail this down first, before we do any other scheduling.
We are looking for something in the 20-30 passenger range. We really would like a mast ship, but it seems the motorized ones are much, much more reasonable.
Ah, well...the research continues.

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I've been meaning to ask - did you ever stay in one of these things?

Deborah responds:
No, Kim. Sadly not. We never could get them to respond to our inquiry for booking. But as it turns out, we were happy with having a full 8 nights in one place instead of spliting it up.

If we go back to spend more time in the northern mountains of Montenegro (and there is so much left to do there) we will probably include this. We still need to float the Tara River, and visit the Peace Park, and do the horseback trail, and on and on....

I think its perfect .. really beautiful and very eco friendly ....
not to mention pretty adventurous too...
and i loved the theory behind " old shoes " .. i guess that's what the travel spirit is all about ... :)
nice post .. and beautiful pics..

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