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So, I've neglected my blog for a long while. Today I was gently prodded by someone who shall remain nameless. Then I realized that my response to less than subtle e-mail could be a convenient a shortcut to a blog entry. So I've simply cut and pasted.

Hi K...m,
I know, I know...
Way to make me feel guilty about neglecting my blog! I've only gotten through the first 5 days of LAST years month in Spain and Portugal.
And my night stand looks completely different from the photo of my reading list. Sigh.
We're really excited about Montenegro. Having a hard time swallowing the price of plane tickets, however. It looks like the cheapest we will get is about 1,500 each and all the prognostications indicate the prices are just going to keep going up. I need to just bite the bullet and pull the trigger. (How's that for excessive use of metaphors?)
I need to keep reminding myself that with an average of $30 a night for lodging, we will make up the cost of flights very quickly.
To be completely honest, I keep changing my mind about arrival and departure cities. I'll think that I have it nailed down, then someone will come into the store talking about another travel destination and I'm off to research new options.
Right now (and 'right now' might only last about 10 minutes) we are talking about into Budapest and out of Istanbul But, Bucharest is looking good too.
The rough plan would have us arriving in Budapest for a one-week apartment stay, then taking the train through Belgrade to Kolasin. Did you see my link to the Belgrade/Bar YouTube? Spectacular, isn't it? A week in Kolasin with the eco-tour company. Then to the coast of Montenegro for a week. Basing somewhere around Budva and daytrips to the cultural sights. Then fly to Turkey for a week before heading home.
Have you got any suggestions?
Hmm. Maybe I'll just cut and past this e-mail for a blog entry.
Can't wait to see you guys next week. Does C.....s want some Volpi's?

Whew...That was easy. I'd promise to be more timely with this blog, if I really believed myself. But. With SlowBowl coming up and taxes to do....
By the way, for the really jaw dropping part of the train ride from Belgrade to Bar, move the counter over to the 2.50 minute mark and watch from there.

The 10 minutes is up and now I'm looking at Moldova. has anyone been to Moldova? I had no clue about the wine tradition there. Wine in Moldova.
We have a part time bookseller at the store who spent a year in Moldova with the Peace Corp. She loved it and has offered to introduce us to some of her friends in Chisinau.
Of course, ten minutes from now I'll be studying a map of Odessa.

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Yes yes yes, so many places to visit and so little time to do so! I'd like to take the Belgrade / Bar train - is it really so hard going?

Deborah responds: No, James. It really isn 't a difficult ride at all. It is just very, very long. And too tell you the truth, all the really beautiful - breathtaking - scenery is after you hit the Montenegrin boarder. Also, we didn't go all the way to Bar. We got off in Podgorica.

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