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Be My Valentine & Dance With Me Beside the Market Shelves

Our favorite little local Italian deli/market is one of those places where you place an order at the cash register and then wait for them to yell your number from the pickup window.
You take you food to a bare table, picking up your drinks and utensils along the way.
When you're finished eating you bus your own table.

But, one night a year the doors are closed to the general public. Red table cloths are put on the tables and accented by a single white taper.


A chosen few "regulars" who are in on the secret have a reservation for dinner.
Dinner is a choice of two entree's and the wine of your choice from the racks.


Dessert is homemade raspberry cheesecake with chocolate crumb crust.


Entertainment is provided by the owners of the place and their families. People with a high quality karaoke set up and some amazing voices. The voices aren't a surprise when you know the pedigree. Mama was a well known singer with a national band in her youth. But, Papa said, it's either the bright lights or me. Mama chose Papa. Here are the two lovebirds, 50 years later.


What the lucky insiders to this love-fest got to enjoy was some amazing music running the gambit from big band to old Vegas to 60s rock to blues.


And of course, we all got to dance with our sweethearts between the aisles of Italian specialities.


Those who know us, won't be surprised that the table reserved for Dan and I was placed between the sweets and the wine.


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