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Decisions, Decisions

We are looking at two places in two different towns on the Bay of Kotor for our week in Montenegro after doing the eco-tourism. I'm posting the web sites here in hopes that some of my friends will go take a look and give me their impressions.

Each town has it's pros and cons. Each property has it's pros and cons.

The pro for Old Mariner in Prcanj are the property itself. It's gorgeous. The con is that Prcanj faces north/east. That means no sunsets over the water.

The pro for the Shelly Apt. in Perast is the south facing exposure and the beauty of the town. The con is that this is the most expensive, plus the smallest of the choices.

The Old Mariner Apartments in the town of Prcanj.


The Shelly Apartment in Perast


What do you think? They are both charming places. Both towns are in convenient locations for day trips. I'm having trouble deciding.

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I definitely like the second choice better.

Wow, they're both great choices. I guess I would lean toward the Shelley apartment because the views looked so stunning. But really either one would be wonderful.

(Deborah's response): Thanks Krista, I got a wonderful e-mail back from the owner of this one with suggestions about cafes and info about the town.

Amy :

Hi Deborah,

my husband and I spent 2 weeks in Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia in August 2007. We stayed in the Palazzo Radomiri http://www.palazzoradomiri.com/ in Dobrata, just outside of Kotor. We booked it just from seeing their website and thought it had to be too good to be true. The reality is that it's even nicer than the pictures, and we can't recommend it highly enough. I would recommend that location over Prcanj for spectacular sunsets. The town of Perast also looked very nice, but the road on either side of Perast is very busy and the drivers are a little crazy, so it's impossible to walk either direction out of the city. I love to get out and explore, so staying there would have been a little limiting for us. From Palazzo Radomiri, you can safely walk to Kotor (although it would be a 30-45 minute walk each way to the Old Town). We have all of our trip photos online with detailed information about our trip - I would be glad to send you the link if you email me at devinhrad@hotmail.com.

I don't recall whether Bosnia was on your itinerary, but it was fantastic. We stayed in Mostar and Sarajevo and they, along with Kotor were the highlights of trip for us. Also, best values for our dollars.

Deborah's response:
Thanks for the great comment, Amy! I'm off to look at that website. I'll also e-mail you about your photo link.

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