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Remember about 10 years ago when you planned a trip to Italy and had a level of frustration because the hotels and apartment rental agencies didn't feel the same sense of urgency you did to conclude your arrangements?

Remember the frustration of sending an e-mail enquiry about the availability of an apartment and the rates and then waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a reply before you just gave up and telephoned?

Well, welcome to my world of trying to book parts of our trip to Montenegro!

Oh, not the coastal areas, to be sure. They have the whole tourist industry thing pretty much down.

But, I have to tell you that I'm just about to give up on the good folks at Vila Jelka in Kolasin! My first e-mail was answered in just a few days. Yes, they could accomodate us, but they failed to provide rates. So, I e-mailed back with a rate request....three times, I've e-mailed asking for rates and confirmation. Deafening silence.

I think their motto says it all, don't you?


Read the banner between the two trees.

But then click on the word gallery that scrolls down the right side. There you will see some of the tantalizing pictures that keep me continuing to try to get these guys to let me pay them for their services!

Besides, it's not like I can just go to the friendly competition around the corner. These guys ARE the only game in town.

I guess I'll give them until tomorrow morning. Then I'll pick up the telephone and call. I hate making arrangements by telephone. I like having things in writing.

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Their motto is hysterical!

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