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My Camera is Going

Awww shucks! I might have to buy a new camera. I'm sure I won't be able to find the exact same camera. I'll have to settle for a better one, one with more bells and whistles.
This camera is only 2 years old. But, it's been dropped on concrete streets more times than I can count. It's been dunked in the Mississippi River once and a glass of wine once.
Now it is having trouble timing the flash with the shutter.
The flash fires everytime I press the button, but it fires a split second AFTER the shutter. If I take the same shot 5 times in a row, I may luck into one where they synchronize themselves. But, that would be random luck.
So, I guess I will make a half-hearted attempt to check into getting it fixed....just to satisfy Dan. Then I'll begin shopping for a new camera. Lousy luck.

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