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Too many book clubs

I'm participating in three book clubs right now. Add to that the fact that I have to read the books associated with all the events we have in the store and I've got more on my night stand than I'll ever be able to finish.
All I can say is, I'm grateful for the Evelyn Woods Reading Dynamics course I took when I was in high school in the 1960's.
Anyone out there remember Evelyn Woods? What ever happened to her and her speed reading course, anyway?
Here's my nightstand at the moment.


From the bottom up:
Umberto Eco - He is one of those authors that you really want to brag about reading and understanding. I've been slogging my way through this book for 6 months. I really enjoy it, but it is such hard work to read. I can only manage a couple of chapters at a time. However, I feel so superior after reading and comprehending every chapter.

Italia Calvino - This is such fun reading. Folktales are so universal. The themes are the same no matter what country they come from. It is really fun to read something from Italy that sounds like it came right out of Grimms fairy tales.

Philosophy Made Simple - This looks like a good book. Just haven't gotten around to even cracking the cover yet.

In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan - This is my "Foodie" book group selection for February. PLEASE Everyone- Read this book. You will never look at the food you buy in a grocery store the same again. I promise!

A Version of the Truth - This is for my "Views from Venus" book group. I don't lead that group. I just read what they pick. haven't started it yet. Views from Venus is a book group that reads books with a strong female central character or a female author. We've read some very cool books. My favorite so far was Twelve Little Cakes by Dominica Dery.

A Stranger's Supper - I'm reading this because of our upcoming trip to Montenegro. A professor from one of the Ivy League Schools on the East Coast went to her native Montenegro and interviewed several dozen women who were each over 100 years old about their lives. It is a facinating book!

Realm of the Black Mountain - Another book about Montenegro. Haven't started it yet.

No Vulgar Hotels by Judith Martin - About Venice

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