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What are the Odds?

Yesterday I was walking through the store when I ran into one of my favorite customers sitting in the reading chairs by cookbooks.
I stopped to chat and she asked me how my trip planning was going for this summer.
So I began describing our plans.
A woman who had been browsing cookbooks came up to us and said that she couldn't help jumping into our conversation.
She is Montenegrin!!! Third generation American.
Her great-aunt has given her a house in the Kotor area. Her cousin, who speaks very good English is available to offer us any assistance we might need.
We had a lovely conversation and exchanged e-mail addresses.
What are the odds that a woman from Montenegro would be in a bookstore in a suburb of St. Louis, MO at the same moment that I'm telling a friend about my trip.
MAN, I wish I'd purchased a lottery ticket yesterday!

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Wow - it really is a small world isn't it? People seem to move about more now than ever. I am amazed at how younger people see the world as their 'playground' especially when thinking about career or life. I was happy to have a job in the general vicinity of my hometown! LOL

Great story! I love it when things like that happen.

What a "coincidence."

Love your small world story!! I too had a recent "small world" experience and posted about it back in January.

I am also very interested in Croatia and am looking forward to more info on your blog about this country.

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