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Dinner Every Night ! !

I'm not going to say much here. Just let the photos speak for themselves. These were the dinners we enjoyed for five of the six nights we spent at Casa Perfuto Maria.

I've thrown in a picture of breakfast as well, just because it actually shows more than just a close-up of the plate I was drooling over.

What our breakfast table looked like every morning when we came down from our room.

The ever-present, but delicious salad. We never had a salad in Galicia that didn't automatically have tuna in it.

Meat was center stage for every meal. Prepared perfectly. And, allowed to shine on its own without heavy sauces. These pork cutlets were so juicy you could cut them with your fork.

Vegetable of choice with every meal was potatoes. But we never got tired of them. As you can imagine in Galicia, the fish was plentiful.

The one night we told her we wanted a "light" meal, she served us a huge empanada (it filled the entire plate) made of potatoes and a buttery, flaky fish. DELICIOUS.

This beef was so fresh and tender, I felt like I should go out and count the calves in the pasture to make sure they were all still there!

I almost forgot to take the picture of my chicken. I wish I could have captured the smell, too!

If more country inns cooked like this, I might be tempted to give up self-catered apartment rentals on future trips.

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I love Spanish food and every single one of your dinners look absolutely delicious. It’s not even 8:00am and I’m here drooling, looking at your pictures. Spanish tuna is the best. I can eat it just the way it comes out of the jar or can. Yum.

Deborah responds:
Yes, Maria, the tuna was wonderful. I came home and tried putting tuna in my salads at home. It just didn't taste the same. Of course, the only tuna I've ever bought was in cans. I'm going to have to look for some in a jar!

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