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The entire day of Monday, June 4th was dedicated to Santiago. There is much written in guidebooks about this town, so I'll just share some of our impressions.

The 5 euro for the museum is a good value. We especially enjoyed the tapestries.


It was rewarding to look down on the plaza and watch pilgrims arrive and flop down on their backs in the middle of the square.


When we first arrived in the plaza, it was impressive. The parador had 18 flags on poles outside, and we noticed that none of them were US flags.


Maybe they were just EU flags. Nope. If that were the case, Brazil, Mexico, & Japan wouldn't be there. Maybe they put flags out from the countries of their current guests -- kind of a welcome. That would be cool. Curiosity got the best of us, so we went inside to ask about the significance of the choice of flags. The answer...there isn't a significance. They have 18 flag poles and there are a heck of alot more than 18 countries. They just rotate the flags.

A couple of hours later, as we walked back through the plaza....


I guess the figured since we noticed, they would change flags to make us feel welcome. I wonder how they decided that Mexico would be the flag to give up its pole.

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