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Yellow Curly Ribbon

First let me say that we really do subscribe to Pauline's definition of Slow Travel. It is just that sometimes, concentric circles just aren't very concentric, or very circular for that matter.

Sometimes, they end up looking more like a big bunch of yellow curly ribbon on top of gift wrapped in a map.

That is what the western third of Galicia was for us.

We got up every morning in our wonderful Turismo Rural called Casa Perfeuto Maria; enjoyed a 10AM breakfast; and left the tiny hamlet of Cabana Moura (population 25) on our way to find out what the day would offer.

We trusted that as we strayed from our tentative plan, our trusty Espana Norte map from the Anaya Touring Club would bring us safely home.

It always did, even if the route was far from direct.

I know you can't really read this scanned image of our well worn map. But, you can see the yellow highlighted record of our wonderings.


As the crow flies, the area we covered was only 108 kms from south to north, and 88 kms from east to west. As the yellow ribbon curled, it was well over 1,000 kms of our total trip.

It was glorious.

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