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Announcing Foodie Trivia Contest

We received a new trivia game in the store this week.


Created by Joyce Lock and published by Chronicle Books, "FOODIE FIGHT" is billed as "A trivia game for serious food lovers."
And judging from the heavy weight food celebrities who are endorsing it, I'm thinking it is going to be a hit with food geeks like me and my SlowTrav friends.

The six categories are:

~yellow~ Foodiesphere (Food people, world cuisines, and food places)
~purple~ Food Stars (Food on film and in print, music, and art)
~orange~ Company's Coming (Party planning, table etiquette, and wine and food pairings)
~green~ Lab and Field (Cooking science, nutrition, and food production"
~blue~ Dining Out (Eateries, chefs, menu matters, and restaurant service)
~red~ What's Cooking? (Cooking techniques, tools, and ingredients)


I bought two of the games. One for myself and one as a prize for my blog's little four week contest.

Here is how the contest will work:

Every Monday afternoon, I will post all six of the questions from one of the game cards.

Whoever wants to take a shot at it, sends their answers as comments.

Please send your answers in the order the questions are listed.

In the interest of saving space, please post ONLY each questions color designation and your answer. Don't add comment or discussion.

After 24 hours, I will approve all of the comments for posting to the blog. And we will see who guessed what.

I'll keep a spread sheet for all the participants and their correct answers.

At the end of the 4th week, we'll see who comes closest to having all 24 correct answers.

That person wins their own copy of Foodie Fight.

In case of a tie, I'll put the names in a hat and Dan will draw the winner.

So Here Goes ..... Week One Questions:

yellow: What food editor traveled the United States studying home cooks for her 1960 cookbook, How America Eats? CLEMENTINE PADDLEFORD

purple: What Grimm brothers' fairy tale is named after its heroine, and a root vegetable popular in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries? RAPUNZEL (In English it's called rapion-its radishlike root is eaten raw, and the leaves are used in salads)

orange: Which wine, called Shiraz in Australia, is likely to be paired with a hearty lamb stew - Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Syrah? SYRAH

green: How many tablespoons equal a cup? 16 TABLESPOONS

blue: What French menu term means a dish topped with buttered bread crumbs or grated cheese and browned in the oven? GRATIN

red: What cheese wrapper allows cheese to breathe but not dry out? CHEESE PAPER (it has a shiny side to protect and a matte side to breathe, and sometimes has tiny holes.)

I've added in the answers exactly as Joyce has them on the card. And already, we could have a controversy over question six.

Comments (10)

yellow: Julia Child? - purple: Rapunzel? - orange: Syrah - green: 30? - blue: au gratin - red: wax paper


yellow: Clementine Paddleford - purple: Rapunzel (?) - orange: Syrah - green: four - blue: au gratin - red: waxed paper

1. Clementine Paddleford - 2. Thumbelina - 3. Syrah - 4. 16 - 5. Gratin - 6. paper


Yellow: (no idea but I could google to get an answer) - Purple: Rapunzel (guess) - Orange: Syrah - Green: 16
Blue: Gratin or Gratinee (sp) - my French stinks - Red: Cheesecloth?


Yellow--Paddelford - Purple--Rapunzel - Orange--Syrah - green--16 - blue--gratin - red--cheese cloth


Yellow: Clementine Paddleford - Purple: Rapunzel - Orange: Syrah - Green: 16 - Blue: Gratine - Red: Muslin and parchment paper

Cindy Ruth:

yellow-Clementine Paddleford - purple-Rampion - orange-syrah - green-16 - blue-gratineed - red-cheese cloth


Yellow - Clementine Paddleford - Purple - Snow-White and Rose-Red - Orange - Syrah - Green - 16 - Blue - Au gratin - Red - Wax paper


Yellow - Clementine Paddleford - Purple - Rapunzel - Orange - Syrah - Green - 16 - Blue - Au Gratin - Red - cheesecloth

Yellow: Julia Child - Purple: Rapunzel - Orange: Syrah -Green: 16 tbs - Blue: Gratin - Red: Wax paper

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