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Bookworm's Excellent Adventure

We had a freeloader on our trip to Spain & Portugal. He crawled into our luggage and hitched a ride. After we discovered him, he begged us to document his trip for him so he could show the humans back at the bookstore.

So what follows is Bookworm's photo essay of his Excellent Adventure (In his own words.)

Hi! Like she said, my name is Bookworm. But she lied about how I got here. She stole me off our store manager's desk. He didn't even miss me the whole trip.

You can see clearly that she knew I was with her. She took me out for the ride on Iberian from Chicago to Madrid. In the second picture it is our first day in Madrid. We went to the book expo in the park so I could write part of this trip off on my taxes.

1%20Hitched%20a%20ride%20on%20Iberian%20from%20Chicago%20to%20Madrid.JPG 1%20At%20Madrid%20Bookfair.JPG

When they stopped in Toro for the wine tasting, I got to taste too. After they checked into the hotel they put me on the balcony railing to enjoy the view. Too tell you the truth, I was probably a little too tipsy to be sitting way up there.

1%20Wine%20Tasting%20in%20Toro.JPG 1%20Enjoying%20the%20view%20from%20my%20hotel%20in%20Toro.JPG

At the hotel in Avila they set me on an open windowsill and at Hotel Rosita in Cambarro I was placed on yet another balcony railing. Now I'm beginning to think they are trying to get rid of me!

1%20On%20a%20windowsill%20in%20Avila.JPG 1%20On%20the%20Balcony%20of%20Hotel%20Rosita%20in%20Cambarro.JPG

After our lunch in O Grove (the beer was excellent), we checked in at the Casa Perfuto Maria. I immediately began making new friends.

1%20Beer%20Tasting%20in%20O%20Grove.jpg 1%20Making%20a%20new%20friend%20at%20Casa%20Perfuto%20Maria.JPG

Watching the barnacle harvest was very educational. And climbing the Torre of Hercules was an athletic accomplishment. I'm quite proud of myself.

1%20Watching%20Barnacle%20Harvest.JPG 1%20Climbing%20the%20Torre%20of%20Hercules%20in%20Orense.JPG

We left Spain, but my adventures were far from over! I got to shoot the rapids in Ponte da Barca!


We went to a friends house in Braga for dinner. I didn't think I was being invited to BE dinner. Whew, he was only kidding. Strange sense of humor, the Portuguese.

1%20I%20didn%27t%20think%20I%20was%20being%20invited%20to%20BE%20dinner.JPG 11%20Whew%2C%20he%20was%20only%20kidding.jpg

I LOVE LISBON! I got to visit the Castello and sit in a very, very old olive tree as I looked out over the rooftops. And then they took me on a cable car ride at the worlds fair expo. Good thing I'm not afraid of heights.

1%20Sitting%20in%20an%20acient%20olive%20tree%20looking%20out%20over%20Lisbon.JPG 1%20Riding%20the%20cable%20car%20at%20expo.JPG

I had a wonderful trip, but I was glad to be on the plane headed home. To tell you the truth, I was beginning to miss my spot on David's desk.


Since he didn't realize I was gone, he refused to believe me when I told him about my Excellent Adventure. He'll have to believe me once he sees this!

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Hi Bookworm, lucky you to be kidnapped for a trip to Spain and Portugal! Plus, you get to live in a bookstore!! Sounds like quite the life.

Bookworm replies: Thanks, Jill. Yes, I'm very lucky, aren't I?

Hola Bookworm,
What a wonderful adventure you had! Did you learn a few words in Spanish or Portuguese? Did you meet any Spanish bookworms?

Bookworm responds:
Hola Maria! I thought I was meeting a bookworm at the casa in Galicia. But it turns out he was a slug. Nice guy, anyway. I learned "hola" and "gracias" in Spanish and "obrigado" in Portuguese. (it means thank you)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Bookworm, from the photos seems like you had a great adventure! Travel can be quite addictive and I bet you'll want to return soon! :) Great post, really fun and so creative.

P.S. Deborah, I enjoyed your entries and photos from Spain & Portugal a lot.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Deborah responds: Thanks, Kathy. I'm working through this trip report SO slowly. I need to step it up and move from Spain to Portugal. My goal is to finish the Spain Portugal trip before we leave for Budapest on June 18th. YIKES! I still have two weeks to get through!

Hi Bookworm, It sounds like a great adventure. Are you going to travel again?

Bookworm responds:
Marta, from your mouth to God's ear!


Bookworm, I really enjoyed reading about your adventures and hope to see you on these blog pages again some day. (What an excellent, quirky entry!)

Bookworm responds:
Thanks Anne! I'd really like to show up on these pages too. But she tells me that I've had my turn and someone else should get to go on the next trip. Not fair!

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