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From Abysmal Failure to Spectacular Success in Only Three Years

Three years ago, at the beginning of my liqueur making odyssey, I was experimenting with all kinds of flavors. Some of them were home runs with the first swing. Most of them were OK but forgettable. A few were major stinkers.

Somehow one of those stinkers got stored in the basement instead of getting dumped down the drain.

While going through all my liqueurs to decide which 12 would make the cut for the trip to SlowBowl this winter, I ran across the Sun Dried Tomato Liqueur. I tasted it, and couldn't believe the transformation.

With its warm rich aroma of sundried tomatoes and full-bodied silky smoothness in the mouth, it is spectacular.

It was less than one bottle, and it took three years for it to transform itself. So, I selfishly decided not to take any of it to Paso Robles with me. So, shoot me. :::GRIN::: But, before you do, remember. I'm the one who knows how to make it.

Thank goodness I found my scribbled notes from the original experiment. Today I started a triple batch. It will be ready in three years.


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Three years! Now that's a slow drink!

Deborah responds: LOL Good point, Krista.

I have nothing but admiration for this talent of yours. I don't have the patience to make something and wait three years to see the result. Brava!

Deborah responds: Oh, Maria. I wasn't waiting for it to be wonderful. I just accidently stored it instead of dumping it down the drain. ::grin:: And, that is the first time anyone called my hooch making a talent. LOL. My husband calls it insanity.

I was reading along and thinking, "I don't remember tasting any of Deb's sun-dried tomato liqueur at the SlowBowl..." Kept reading - and AHA! It wasn't there! (At least my memory's not shot. Yet. :D ) Looking forward to tasting it at SlowBowl VI!

Me again. :D I just looked at the date of this post... didn't you take the s-d-t liqueur to SB in 2009?? I could swear I remember hearing about it there. Or was that you talking it up? ;p

Deborah responds: Yes, Colleen, I broke down and took my last bottle to SB 09. How could I deny my peeps my best?
But then, when everyone was picking their favorite to take home with them, I selfishly kept the SDT for myself.

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