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Help With SSB Project This Week

Our grandsons are spending the weekend with us. Their parents will be here tomorrow for Mother's Day BBQ. So, I needed to do my Sunday Slow Baking project today.

My oldest grandson, Sage, has always loved to help in the kitchen, and cookies are the perfect project for him to help with.

This week, Jerry picked Biscotti di Limone e Semolino - page 50 in Gina's Dolce Italiano.

Assembling all of the ingredients:


I like to measure all the ingredients in advance.


He waited and waited and waited - then after mixing, and chilling, It was finally time for Sage to help. We cut the chilled dough into even squares to make it easier for him.

finally%20ready%20for%20my%20help.JPG ready%20to%20roll.JPG

It didn't take long for him to get the hang of gently rolling the dough into small balls and then rolling the balls in the sugar.

make%20a%20ball.JPG sugar%20roll.JPG

Setting the timer was fun, but waiting for the cookies to bake was a little bit boring.

set%20the%20timer.JPG wait%20wait%20wait.JPG

My oven is much slower than most, so we actually baked the cookies for about 20 minutes in order to get them to brown. The final product was beautiful.


Sage had to wait until I took some final pictures of the plate. It was torture. But he finally got to taste the fruit of his labor.

sage%20waiting.JPG cookies%20and%20milk%20finally.JPG

Comments (5)

To wait for the photo shoot. It's hard enough for me~ and I ate 1/2 the dough.
Happy Mother's Day!

That is a wonderful photo journal of your baking day with Sage! Priceless. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Sandi and Colleen. He has asked me to the blog entry three times today. I pull up the post then read it to him just like a picture book as I scroll down.
I should take a picture of the look on his face as he watches his "story" unfold on the screen.

What a wonderful way to record a day with your grandson!

You are so organized. I bring out all the ingredients but measure as I go. Did you use your own limoncello or was it store-bought?

I ate my cookies with coffee but tonight I'll try Sage's way, with milk.

Deborah responds:
Thanks for the kind words, Maria. Yes that is my own limoncello. But it is the last bottle, so I need to make more before I run out.


Deborah, I can't get over how big Sage has gotten. I remember when he was born!

Deborah responds: Dan and I were commenting on how much older he looks in photographs than he really is. He doesn't look like he is only four does he?

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