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SSB - Week 7 - Zucchini Olive Oil Cake

This week Jan chose Zucchini Olive Oil Cake with Lemon Crunch Glaze, which can be found on page 94 of Gina DePalma's fabulous book: Dolce Italiano.
After seeing our results from these first seven weeks of baking, I don't know how anyone could resist going straight away to buy Gina's book.

I was up very early this morning and started my cake as soon as I had the coffee brewing.

I obsessively and compusively measured and arranged all my ingredients.


Then I set to work on the cake. I was especially proud of myself for sticking faithfully to Gina's directions throughout the entire process.... until I got to the very end. Then, true to form, I gave in to the urge to make just one tiny little change. Instead of dusting the glaze with powdered sugar, I sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar. I love cinnamon.


I love the way the skin of the zucchini flecks the cake. It adds such a pretty color contrast.


We didn't wait for the cake to completely cool before we enjoyed it for brunch. It is a good think there is no early morning management meeting tomorrow. I don't think Dan would let me out the door with this cake. In fact, as I type this, I can hear him downstairs in the kitchen. That would be his third piece in 2 hours.


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Oh, cinnamon sugar - great idea. I completely forgot to dust mine with powdered sugar, it was perfectly fine without it. Don't you just love the lemon glaze? And I'm glad you took some close-up shots of the cake, it does look pretty.

Deborah responds: Yes, Krista. The Lemon glaze is so good. So easy, too. A friend of mine makes an espresso cake that I'm thinking the lemon glaze would be interesting on. Kind of like the twist of peel in your cafe.


My husband went wild for this cake too. It is absolutely a keeper!


I forgot the powdered sugar too but didn't think it needed it - the glaze left such a nice sheen on the cake.

Deborah responds: For some reason, my glaze soaked into my cake a lot more than the others did, so I didn't have the same sheen.

I love how you have everything measured out like that! It looks like a cooking show! Very cool.

Deborah responds: You busted me. I'm just a celebrity chef wanna-be. ::grin::

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