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Week 2 - Foodie Trivia Contest

Yellow: What did Sylvan N. Goldman invent in the 1930s that boosted grocery store sales? The shopping cart
Purple: What is the stage name of rock singer, actor, and reported vegetarian Marvin Lee Aday? Meat Loaf
Orange: What is a party called that is a cross between a cocktail party and a buffet dinner party? A cocktail buffet (Enough food is served that guests need not have dinner afterward.)
Green: True or False: The majority of French black truffles sold to importers and restaurants are wild. False (80 to 90 percent are cultivated.)Blue: What makes a Martini cocktail a Gibson? A pickled cocktail onion
Red: Which type of instant-read thermometer is best for shallow liquids or thin meats - a dial model or a digital model? A digital model (The sensors are small and within 1/4 inch of the tip.)

All comments with guesses and the actual answers from the card will be posted on Tuesday morning.

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Yellow - Shopping cart

Purple - Meat Loaf

Orange - Cocktail buffet

Green - False

Blue - Onion instead of olive

Red - Digital

Yellow: shopping cart
Purple: Meatloaf
Orange: a cocktail-buffet party
Green: True
Blue: the pearl onion
Red: Digital

Cindy Ruth:

Yellow-shopping cart
Purple-Meat Loaf
Orange-Cocktail Buffet
Blue-a Gibson has cocktail onions instead of olives and uses more vermouth


Yellow: Refrigeration?
Purple: no idea
Orange: Fun?
Green: True
Blue: Onions instead of olives
Red: Digital (no flippin idea)

This week was hard.


ARRRRRRRRRRRGGG, I am too late this week.

I knew Meat Loaf and Gibson... that tells you about me... LOL

Deborah's response: Aww, Eden. Sorry you missed it, too. Next week is going to be a doozy, though.


Figures I get the drink question right.

Deborah responds: That's why you're my hero! ::grin::

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